A Charity That Provides Playground Equipment For Special Needs Children

Our Mission:

To provide quality thereputic playground equipment that is vital to improving the mobility in children's lives that will help build children's physical strength and develop social skills while having fun at a Naomi's Playground.

Our Vision:

To provide quality at Naomi's Playgrounds and become recognized for our compassion, integrity, and ability to blend special playground equipment into existing public playgrounds so families may enjoy time together regardless if their child has special needs or not.

Our Ethics:

Having a positive mental attitude, believing, and promising to be consistent in our values by always communicating with those who deal with disabilities and are in need of assistance.

Our Goal:

To make a difference at private and state operated institutions and group homes including private homes that will help enable children with special needs to be fulfilled and live fruitful lives in spite of physical challenges.

Our Affiliates and Partners:

To be professional, accountable, consistent and fair for our performance. To set an example as professionals who are trustworthy and a respected resource within all communities. To beknown for developing business partnerships devoting time to create valuable relationships and share solutions that ultimately lead to a Naomi's Playground.

You too, can be a part of Naomi's Playgrounds by giving to this worthy charity! (All donations are much appreciated.)

Larson and Delores Richmond, Founders of Naomi's Playground
Larson & Delores Richmond
Founders of Naomi's Playground

Naomi's Story

Naomi is the third of our twelve grandchildren who was born barely weighing in at 1 Lb. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and had numerous physical challenges to overcome. Between "miracles" coupled with physical and occupational therapists, skilled doctors and other professional caregivers, all whom are dedicated to helping children like Naomi, today she can speak words, laugh, walk, run, enjoys playing in the swimming pool and has attended school carrying her very own book bag!

Naomi's a "miracle" indeed and is such a delightful young lady. We along with our partners, affiliates and donors are thrilled to build as many as possible Naomi's Playgrounds for special needs children in institutions, group homes, private homes and public parks all over the united states.

Besides having fun at Naomi's Playground, it's a way to get the child moving more as it's important to make sure children get their required daily amount of physical exercise. Research shows parents, health care providers at state run institutions, or group homes believe physical activities for children with special needs is vital for improvement of their health to become more physically fit to enjoy a better quality of life. Participants who enjoy a Naomi's Playground are encouraged to consult with medical professionals.

One thing we all can agree on is that no one organization can solve all the concerns special needs children are faced with. The old adage, "It takes a village to raise a child" is true, and respectfully we are privileged to be a part of that village making a difference in the lives of children with challenges so they can benefit from a Naomi's Playground.

Other activities to help special needs children.
  • Collecting rocks, leaves, flowers, insects…
  • Photographing the objects others would collect or different balconies, unique door knockers, various signs, windows, roofs, birds…
  • Gardening…flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, berry bushes, small green house…
  • Watching birds, squirrels, bugs, frogs….
  • Playing catch with a dog, throwing a ball back and forth with a friend.
  • Sitting on huge balls and keeping your balance.
  • Learning to juggle, stacking cups, arm wrestling…
  • Flying kites, making huge soap bubbles…
  • Using hula hoops, gymnastic ribbons, dancing,
  • Skipping ropes, hop scotch games, playing hide and seek
  • Bowling, table tennis, swimming pool games
  • Enjoying a Naomi Playground, in the back yard!

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